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Friday, February 23, 2018

Radio Free Eireann- Saturday -February 10, 2018

Posted by Jim on February 10, 2018

Special Pledge Programming 12noon-2pm

RADIO FREE EIREANN will broadcast a special two hour Pledge Program  this Saturday February 10th on WBAI Radio 99.5FM or WBAI.ORG at 12 noon-2pm New York time or 5pm-7pm in Ireland or anytime after the program on WBAI.ORG   Archives

Author,retired fireman and  story teller  BILLY O’CONNOR will talk about his latest book “Da Mick”  taking  a humorous look at being a New York City Fireman  when the Bronx was burning in the 1970s.
Donors who pledge to support the program will get a copy of the book.

LORRAINE TAYLOR,will talk about her husband TONY TAYLOR, a Derry Republican who has now spent more than 700 days Interned -by-license , jailed on British charges  kept secret from him or or any solicitor picked by him.

While Irish flags and “England Out of Ireland” banners are a feature of St. Patrick’s Day Parades in New York,  Independent Irish Republican Councillor PAUL GALLAGHER, will give a quick update on last week’s story of British attempts to ban Irish flags from St. Patrick’s Day Parades.

JOHN FAY the creator and moderator of NUZHOUND,the daily collection of articles on the north of Ireland  will explain why that service may have to close down..

John McDonagh and Martin Galvin co-host.

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