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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Karen Bradley is the new British Direct Ruler

Posted by Jim on January 8, 2018


A 47-year-old English MP has been appointed as the new British Direct
Ruler in the north of Ireland, taking over from the departing James
Brokenshire. Karen Bradley has no known connection to Ireland.

The announcement was made this evening by British Prime Minister Theresa
May as part of a general cabinet reshuffle.

Bradley has previously worked on developing economic and fiscal policies
for the Tories before securing a position at the Home Office in 2015,
where she had responsibility for Organised Crime. She won a promotion to
the post of Culture Secretary in 2016 before today’s move, viewed as a
sideways promotion in the ranks of the British government. Late last
year she made headlines for her concerns over the broadcasting takeover
of Sky plc by 21st Century Fox.

Bradley represents her home constituency of Staffordshire Moorlands,
near the city of Stoke in the English midlands, and has a degree in
Mathematics. She becomes the third female British Direct Ruler, after Mo
Mowlam and Theresa Villiers. She is is thought to be ambivalent on
Brexit, but previously described a move to take Britain out of the EU
single market as “nonsensical”.

Her appointment will raise hopes of a new Tory departure on the Irish
peace process and Brexit negotiations on the border.

Earlier today, it was revealed that James Brokenshire was stepping down
as Direct Ruler after just 18 months in the post, ostensibly for health

In his letter of resignation to Ms May, Brokenshire said he expected to
be able to return to work �relatively quickly� after an upcoming
surgical procedure. However, he added that he would not �be able to give
the effort, energy and complete focus needed at this important time� and
therefore believed that �the right thing at this time” is to “stand down
from my current responsibilities�.

DUP leader Arlene Foster said Brokenshire “had immersed himself fully in
the role by dedicating long hours to trying to make progress. James
leaves the role with a very intimate knowledge of Northern Ireland and I
look forward to working with him again in the future.”

In a tweet, Sinn Fein’s leader in the north, Michelle O’Neill, said she
wished Mr Brokenshire a “speedy recovery”. She added: “Best wishes to
you and your family at this time.”

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